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About Us

The FindAdvice website is owned and operated by Tarawera Publishing Limited (TPL).

TPL publishes the NZ Property Investor magazine, ASSET magazine and The NZ Mortgage Mag.

Other websites TPL operates include:

TPL is based in Rotorua to take advantage of the wonderful lifestyle available there for the owners and their employees.

The company prides itself on always "playing with a straight bat" and supporting local and national community groups and charities.

The company has won a number of awards since it was established in 1995. These include:

  • 1999- Net Guide Awards winner
  • 2003 - Rotorua Business Awards Winner - Innovation
  • 2003 - Deloitte fast 50 Award ( 11th fastest growing company in NZ)
  • 2004 - Rotorua Business Awards Winner - Media, IT and Communications
  • 2004 - Deloitte fast 50 Award ( 22nd fastest growing company in NZ)
  • 2005 - Telecom Business Excellence Award

Director Philip Macalister was also named 2008/2009 Industry Contributor of the Year by the Professional Advisers' Association.

Find Advice Mission Statement

Our mission is to help Kiwis to make good investing decisions by matching them with a qualified, professional adviser with whom they will be able to build a long-term trusting relationship that will help them achieve their financial and personal goals.